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For You 1,2 and 3 rooms apartments by the day, at night, hourly in the Donetsk and Makeyevka. All apartments are equipped with necessary appliances, utensils, clean linens and towels. Everywhere is renovated, the apartments are bright, clean and comfortable. In some apartments, there are additional amenities.

Reasons to rent an apartment very much and it so happens that the reason does not fit the size of the apartment. Then your service home in Donetsk and Makeyevka for rent. All houses are equipped with necessary appliances, utensils, clean linens and towels. There are additional amenities.

For increased comfort and relaxation for you not just at home, but home in Donetsk and Makeyevka with sauna . With this set of your stay will be unforgettable.


2013-12-25 Happy new year!
Happy New Year! Good luck, prosperity and good cheer in the new year, and always good to meet him! And especially for the celebration of the New Year, you can stay in our house or apartment)

2013-09-29 Reservation of apartments and houses in the New Year.
On November 15, reservations available apartments and houses for rent in the New Year. Stay tuned for updates.

2013-05-30 Summer Discounts!
In the period from 15.08.2013 to 01.06.2013 on Sunday to Thursday for apartments for rent, hourly discounts of 10%.

2013-05-24 Rent cheaper!
On weekdays, the system of discounts for rental houses and saunas hourly and daily basis. See the detailed description.


What you need to book a house? For reservations at home you need to arrange a time to view the phone. At the appointed time to see the house and if you are satisfied, leave a deposit of 50% of the cost. On the day of settlement to be paid the remaining 50% of the cost to pay a deposit for the property in the amount of 500 hryvnia. At the end of the lease term, if the property is not tainted, the deposit is returned. In the case of property damage deposit is not refundable. If you made ​​an advance payment and decided to cancel the reservation, no refund.

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What you need to book an apartment? Apartment can be booked by phone. Under this option, you certainly need to call for the night once again and confirm the reservation. But if our staff call you to clarify details and booking apartments neodnokartno you do not answer the call or your phone is disconnected, removed booking. You can also book an apartment, paying her rent in advance. Payment can be made in cash at the meeting or by bank transfer (by bank card Privatbank).

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What is required from the customer on arrival into the apartment or house? При заселении необходимы паспорт или водительское удостоверение одного человека (для удостоверения личности), деньги за аренду и 100 гривень в качестве залога за ключи. При возврате ключей залог возвращается.

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At what time can be populated if you remove apartment renovated for the night? If the apartment is not occupied, it can be occupied, and at 17:00, but you need to leave the apartment until 9:00.

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